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My husband asked for a new hole-punch for his last birthday. Being German, he has shelves and shelves of ring binders full of all our receipts, bills, documents, handbooks and contracts, each binder correctly labelled and internally colour-coded. One section* is for the ‘Deichverband’ – the dyke organisation, which in our case is for Lower…


It being a wet summer, I am at war with the slugs in our garden, and so far my side is losing. We’ve been here before, of course, remember my husband’s sunflowers last year which – even though he built them a special platform – were reduced to stalks overnight. The same has happened to…

Haus Ferdinand

It’s been an exciting week. After months of work and tons of concrete, all was ready when the cheery Hoklartherm team arrived punctually on Monday morning, with our new greenhouse packed in their trailer. And immediately set to work. It was a long, hot day. The German word for ‘greenhouse’ is ‘Gewächshaus’ which literally means…

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