Don’t let Corona ruin your English.


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Number 97

As if it were yesterday, I can remember the very first evening class I taught: what I was wearing, what we did, who the participants were. It was a moment of thinking Gosh, yes, this is what I want to do. What I can do. I can also remember the moment in 2020 when I…

Who to choose?

Even if I hadn’t known before, a cycle ride for an ice-cream in our local village would leave me in absolutely no doubt that an election is looming. There are election posters and hoardings everywhere you look. We had an election just last week, but that was for our Mayor, and the town and county…

Planting forward

In autumn some years ago my daughter (already on Borneo) was ill enough to have to go to hospital. I remember the panic of serious illness happening to someone I love, and that she was so far away made it seem much worse. I felt so helpless, so I did what I always do when…

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