So here we all are, me here and you there, and heaven knows when we will all actually meet in person again.

Finding myself unexpectedly on a plane from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi on Sunday (see Australia in 5 days!), I thought about how we can all keep in touch, there being no lessons for the duration*, and thought about resurrecting my old blog.

On the next plane, from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam, I came to the idea to start a completely new one, which for sure will have more features, more fun, more interesting possibilities for us all.

Oh dear, it’s much more difficult than I thought. Just as well I don’t have anywhere to go.

Anyway, I plan to update this at least twice a week, with links to clips, stories, articles, vocabulary – just like a lesson really, except I am here and you are there. Maybe some of you will have cabin fever** and start demanding grammar. Maybe.

I’m counting on you all not just to read this, but to keep me supplied with ideas and requests and Feedback. We are, after all, in this together even though I am here and you are there.

* Duration

the length of time that something lasts: He planned a stay of two years‘ duration.for the duration for as long as something lasts: I guess we’re stuck with each other for the duration (of the journey).

**Cabin fever:

extreme irritability and restlessness from living in isolation or a confined indoor area for a prolonged time

In the meantime, the Borneos are self-isolating in the jungle. Johann has made his first YouTube Video. It is so adorable and full of practical tips. Do watch it!

22 thoughts on “Baby steps…

  1. This is awesome, we really haven’t got excuses for not learning English now, because we can learn it here anywhere and anytime. Thank you so much Carys.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Caries,

    this blog is a wonderful idea, even if I would prefer our hour on Thursday. Until then, I’m happy to hear from you, your grandchildren and Morsum.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you very much for this blog! It´s a fantastic idea! I would find an australian unit on food and animals very interesting.


  4. Hi Caries,
    what a nice surprise in this time of bad news.
    – I´m missing the lessons with the Achim Ladies and their world best teacher :-*


  5. Hallo Caries, die Störche sind da und futtern fleißig und wir im Englisch möchten auch wieder von Dir gefüttert werden. Freue mich auf ein gesundes Wiedersehen in Achim. Mache es gut und komme gut nach Hause. Gruß Irmgard


  6. Dear Caries,
    Good to hear/read that you have come back safely.
    Thank‘s for this wonderful blog and this video….it‘s so cool.


  7. Dear Caries,
    I was really touched when I found your email and our new “classroom”! You are from top to toe teacher and inspirer. How did you fight the Jetlag after “Australia in 5 days”? I cannot imagine…! A big “THANK YOU!”


  8. Hi Carys,
    I would like to hear someting about Australia. I have never been there – and it is so far away. Maybe you took some nice fotos on your Speed- Dating-Australia- Trip 😉
    So have a nice weekend and stay healthy


  9. Dear Carys,

    Welcome back to Old Germany.

    Thank You so much for the brilliant way to keep us informed.
    I do just my home work “Birds of Australia”.

    Kind regards,


  10. Hello Carys, hope you and your family are fine!
    I watched the “chainsaw video”… Please dont´t let Johan work with a chainsaw without protection clothes! (min. shoes, pants, safety glasses and helmet)
    It`s really dangerous…
    Best wishes
    Thomas from Delmenhorst


  11. Hi Carys,
    thank you for the wonderful idea of your blog – what would be the friday without the wonderful english lesson 😦
    Now I try to have a english lesson feeling.
    I was also afraid of Johan…..
    Have a nice weelend, INES


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