Once you have removed every weed in your garden, dusted every ornament in your house several times, read all the books on your “To be read” shelf, watched all episodes of ‘Narcos’, what remains except to defrost your freezer?

I love my freezer. It’s a chest model and when I go to fetch something from its depths it feels a bit like going to a well-stocked shop. Specializing in fish fingers. The smell of burnt fish fingers is the aroma of my children’s childhood.

Sometimes I forget what is in there, my freezer, and sometimes I find mystery bags, which could be that bolognese sauce I made in 2016. Or not.

I enjoy cleaning the bathroom, always have, but cleaning the fridge and the freezer are not high on my Fun List. I got my first contact lenses when I was 18, and 20 years later discovered they had been tinted. No wonder the world of the 80s seemed so grey to me. When I told my parents, my Mum turned to my Dad and said “You see! I told you she didn’t know what the inside of her fridge looked like!”

Anyway, cleaning out my freezer this week I found a pack of Currywurst and chips. Expiry date 2016, which I had bought for Horst to eat while I was on Borneo in June 2015.

Currywurst have a special status in Germany, and a special status with us too. Whenever we get visitors from abroad, we spoil them with a visit to the Currywurst stand. Today’s header shows Horst with our dear friend Doug from North Carolina. Some of you will remember hearing his voice in lessons. Doug and his wife Patsy* already knew the spicy delicacy from previous trips to Germany and when they spent the day with us a few years ago, eating Currywurst was at the top of their list of to-dos.

*I met Patsy when I lived in the USA in the 1980s. She became a dear friend; I still use many of her recipes (as do my students at our Christmas buffets) and I learned from her how to make little things ‘special’.

Want to learn more about the Currywurst?

For some reason, Horst never got around to eating that pack of Currywurst. Maybe it’s not so much the sausage experience as the standing outside eating something hot and tasty.

Horst introduces his Canadian Cousin Al to the delights of the Currywurst.


One of my best meals ever was after a hike in the Eifel, where we stopped at a convent and ate pea soup and I drank a very strong beer. I bought tins of the soup and bottles of beer to recreate the bliss at home, but it wasn’t the same…

PS: The frozen Currywurst and Chips is now in our dustbin.

The Cabin Fever Part


Quiz on pronunciation: https://www.usingenglish.com/quizzes/520.html


One thought on “There’s a Currywurst in my freezer.

  1. I had to laugh out loud several times while reading the Currywurst story.
    The relationship between my freezer and me is quite similar.
    My freezer is a bit like a treasure chest keeping treasures and secrets for ages.
    Very often things go into my freezer because:
    a) no BBQ because of sudden rain
    b) overcooked
    c) bought the wrong stuff

    But now due to corona I managed to clean and to rearrange my freezer and I promised myself that it should remain like this ….fingers crossed :-)))))


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