Last Saturday I was happily cooking and baking ready for guests on Sunday when Peng! the electricity went off. That’s not all that unusual in our house.

Actually, I am just wondering when the house was electrified at all. And how the kitchen looked 100 years ago. For sure not like this:

The fact is that when we bought the house in 1996 there was electricity and, not having all that much spare cash at the time, we decided not to go with the offer from a local electrician to re-do all the wiring. So our wiring is zany in the extreme, with wiring within different rooms on different circuits, and over the years Horst has sussed most of this out and labelled the various fuses (see header).

So on Saturday we quickly established that we still had electricity in the dining room and to the cooker in the kitchen, but to nowhere else. Fortunately Horst has the largest collection of extension cables in the northern hemisphere so in a trice we got all important things up and running very quickly. Except the oven.

I bought this oven in 2005. I chose it for its many features including timer (never used), and pyrotechic cleaning (used maybe 4 times). It is a model made to be built in: as we don’t have a built in kitchen, Horst built a cabinet for it to sit in but our sloping kitchen floor meant that our sponges were often rather wonky. A few years ago the oven light broke and I am sure that the temperature is unreliable, but never mind, I have happily cooked and baked for 1000s of guests over those years.

But. This oven, a Bauknecht, has a special design meanness. When removed from electrical supply, the clock goes to ‘STOP’ and the oven is effectively dead. The only way to deal with this is to remove the oven from its housing, dismantle the covering, remove the cable to the clock, wait, replace cable and reassemble everything. We’ve done it several times, firstly with the help of our wonderful electrician, Herr E, and now can manage by ourselves. Except on Sunday it didn’t work. An hour of disassembling and re-assembling and the oven was still dead.

To cut a long story short, two wonderful young men from Appliances Online just delivered our new cooker. With no timer, no pyrotechimcal cleaning feature but adjustable feet for uneven floors like ours. That was the top priority.

Wanna fridge with an electric door…

The Cabin Fever part:

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