We don’t eat an awful lot of meat, and steak maybe once a year, but when I saw our local butcher had Irish beef on special offer, I couldn’t resist. All those happy Irish cows!

I decided to fry the steak in my new Tchibo ceramic frying pan for a few minutes on each side and then leave it to rest while I prepared a salad and some fried potatoes. In our kitchenn there are a million different lids, but for some unknown reason I decided to use the lid of my Le Creuset casserole dish.

Le Creuset! For the last 45 years I have cooked using Le Creuset: soups, stews, oven bakes, anything and everything really, and when my guests say my food tastes good I always give my Le Creuset the credit. I now have three Le Creusets: a casserole, a flatter, wider dish for backing and frying and a small frying pan – all are in the original Le Creuset orange, and I love them very much.

To buy a new one now would cost an arm and a leg, and anyway the point about Le Creuset is that it lasts for ever.

So you can imagine my panic when the time came to serve the steak, and I couldn’t get the Le Creuset lid off the frying pan.

The pan had cooled down, the lid had dropped and was now firmly stuck. I spent at least five minutes trying to tug it off, to no avail. I then thought of heating the ceramic pan and cooling the lid. No chance. I tried inserting something very thin down the side, in the crack between lid and pan – but there was no crack. My blood ran cold. My steak! My Le Creuset!

I knew the only way out was to call my lovely husband, who is unfailingly able to repair my rash mistakes. This time it took a bit longer, and in the end a hammer was involved.

All’s well that ends well, the lid was saved, the pan was only slightly damaged and the steak – it was delicious!

Of course. Even a lid from Le Creuset makes all the difference.

The Cabin fever part.




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