As if it were yesterday, I can remember the very first evening class I taught: what I was wearing, what we did, who the participants were. It was a moment of thinking Gosh, yes, this is what I want to do. What I can do.

I can also remember the moment in 2020 when I realised that there would be no lessons for the foreseeable future, and knew I needed to start this Blog to reach out to my students, not only to help them keep up with their English (I was in the airport in Abu Dhabi, having found out two days before that we could no longer get home from Australia via Changi).

Since March 2020, I have written 96 Blog posts, and along the way gained readers all over the world. I think (hope) I know who is reading in the USA, Canada, Australia and Malaysia, but Ecuador? Ireland? India? Thailand?

Lessons started again in person a few weeks ago. Windows open, CO2 monitors, no group work, no games… I can see that the participants are coming, as they always did, not just to learn English but because they hope to leave the lesson feeling better than they did before. To be honest, I am not sure that is the case right now.

Those of you who subscribe to this Blog may have got a strange notification last week. I hardly slept on Monday night, thinking about my book, and my students, my lessons, and this Blog. What to teach? What to think? What to write?

I came to the realisation that at the moment I have to put all my energy and creativity into my lessons, and decided to put the Blog into hibernation from this week.

The next morning I found I had ideas for my lessons this week (shh! Top Secret!), so that I hope that we all leave the lessons feeling better. Including me.

Thank you all very much for reading. It’s been such fun.

And as we Germans say, “Auf Wiedersehen!”

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